Daily Facial Moisturiser

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Vegan     98% naturally derived ingredients      Paraben Free

A natural, nutrient rich light, effective facial moisturiser high in palmitoleic acid.  The body produces palmitoleic acid naturally but levels deplete in skin with age.  This moisturiser is designed to restore skin’s natural palmitoleic levels and promote a taut, plump, smooth complexion whilst discouraging wrinkle formation. Formulated to keep skin hydrated for a silkier and more refined skin texture.

Made with a unique botanical blend of Vitamin E, Macadamia, and Cactus oils. Try the Retinol Night Cream and Daily Refreshing Toner to complement the Daily Facial Moisturiser.

Free from parabens, harsh preservatives, synthetic colours, artificial perfumes.

Handmade in Nottinghamshire England.


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