When to Spring Clean Your Make Up

When and What to Replace

How long is too long when it comes to keeping beauty products? Going through your bathroom cupboard or cosmetics should be a fairly regular task, but don’t worry if you can’t remember the last time you did. You’re not alone, we all tend to accumulate half used bottles, jars and make up.

Your products are loosing effectiveness by the day once opened not only that the longer they’re sitting half used and exposed to the general atmosphere – yes even with the lid on – they’re becoming more susceptible to bacteria thriving which could cause irritations, infections or damage your skin.

“Whilst most expired make up may not give you a severe reaction, it’s just not worth the risks” says Global Make-up Artist Theresa Hayes-French. So take a look at this comprehensive guideline to give you the low down on when to clear out cosmetics before they end their shelf life and expire.

Cosmetic Product When its just gotta go

Make Up Sponges

1 – 3 months


Liquid Eye Liner

3 months

Eye Liner Pencil

8 – 12 months



Lip Gloss

Eyebrow Pencil


Cream Blusher

Lip Liner

Sun Protection Products

*Skincare Products

1 year


Face Powder

Blusher Powder


Nail Polish

12 – 18 months

Eye Shadow


Lip Balm

2 years


2 – 5 years

Quality make up brushes can last a life time if well looked after. Brushes should be washed at least once every two weeks, and try to spot-clean your eye brushes after each use to avoid infections.  

*All brands and products are made differently and with ingredients that react together in a unique was so use this information as a sound guide but be aware some cosmetics will have a slightly longer or shorter expiry date. If the smell, texture or appearance of your beauty product changes in any way you’re better off discarding it.


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