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 Natural Beauty at Home - earth day 2020


The landscape of the beauty industry is changing, there’s a call for beauty brands to be transparent so we know exactly what we’re putting on our skin and what’s more, how sustainable the ingredients, packaging and production are.  Even the vocabulary of the beauty industry is changing more frequently we see descriptions of products using words like ‘nourish’, ‘drink’ and ‘feed’.  Thankfully style over substance is becoming a distant memory.


The good news is it’s getting much easier to find beauty brands who offer natural, green alternatives with sustainable credentials.  But if doing the research yourself seems overwhelming I’ve put together a starting list of greener, cleaner, sustainable beauty brands.


If you’re looking to reduce the plastic packaging in your life, then check out this collection of beauties.


 Natural Beauty at Home - Sustainability


High quality bamboo makeup brushes that don’t break the bank are cruelty free brush sets for as low as £20.  For vegan friendly bamboo make up brush sets choose a brand who offer bamboo handles with quality synthetic bristles. As bamboo is water resistant, the bristles are less likely to shed giving you longevity along with quality.  Try out


 Natural Beauty at Home - Sustainability


ILIA’s handcrafted, high-impact multi-stick offers four times more pigment than any other lipstick the company has ever created. Milled in organic castor seed oil, it provides both full and lasting coverage with one smooth application. Plus, the inclusion of apricot seed oil nourishes and softens the lips. Using a blend of nudes, reds, and berry shades, the created colours are balanced and bound to look good on everyone.


Sustainability focuses on the manufacturing process and the ability to reduce waste and recycling capability of the end product.  Re-using make up pads by replacing the standard cotton wool cosmetic pads with this type of product is a prime example. There are a wealth of brands out there easily accessible to purchase from high street stores to Amazon. 


 Natural Beauty at Home - Sustainability


At Body Pure we focus on the most pure organic and natural beauty ingredients and take an equally serious approach to sustainability. All of our tubes and bottles are made from either biodegradable material or glass, all recyclable and totally natural and cruelty-free.




Our Glycerin Soap Bars have recently launched in the UK but we have been handmaking solid cold process soaps and beauty bars since 2015 aim to save 100,000 plastic bottles from manufacture, and therefore from landfill, by 2025.


 Natural Beauty at Home - Sustainability

Overall, bamboo toothbrushes really do seem like a great idea. Not only are they kinder to the environment, but you can even repurpose the handles to add labels to your herbs and plants!  These ones from Fat Panda come in colourful a set of 5.


 Natural Beauty at Home - Sustainability


Whether it’s the use of recyclable packaging, using ethical production methods, or investing profits to support the growth of local businesses and merchants; sustainable beauty brands are improving the world of beauty. 


If the choices feel endless, start with one small step. Maybe you’ll leave those tempting miniatures in the hotel on your next minibreak. Maybe switch from plastic cotton buds to bamboo ones.  Maybe you’ll spend five minutes researching the moisturiser you’ve had for years. If its credentials don’t impress you, be selective, shift your allegiance to the natural beauty crusaders who are changing the world one bottle, balm, tub and tube at a time.


I hope this article has given you some food for thought on ethical makeup and beauty brands. Who says you can’t glam up as little or much as you want, and still be sustainable? 


As always, please reach out and contact me with questions, comments.


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