Organic Honey, Lemon & Lavender face mask

FREE recipe for weekly night time use

This is an easy to make natural night face mask helping to keep your face glowing and your skin-tone balanced

About the ingredients;


                                                                                   Reliable homemade face mask recipe by Body Pure Ltd, UK

Lemon contains natural alpha hydroxyl acid a natural safe acid that's very effective at removing dead skin cells. Freshly squeezed lemon juice acts as a natural skin brightener and cuts through the excess oils that can clog pores and lead to pimples. It's a natural antifungal and antibacterial agent.


                                                                                    Reliable homemade face mask recipe by Body Pure Ltd, UK

Honey has natural antibiotics that are easily absorbed by the skin. It acts as a natural cleansing agent by absorbing impurities from pores and works well with the vitamins and astringent properties of lemons. Honey is a natural humectant drawing water from the general atmosphere to moisturize the top layers of skin, helping plump up skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines. Honey and lemon juice together will lighten the skin tone.


                                                                                   Reliable homemade face mask recipe by Body Pure Ltd, UK

Lavender is renowned for its therapeutic benefits containing powerful antioxidants, which counter the effects of environmental pollution on the skin. The scent of lavender flowers increases alpha waves in the area of the brain responsible for relaxation. It also lowers also heart rate and blood pressure. Lavender can soothe the body and mind by relieving anxious thoughts and balancing the mood.


  •  1 tablespoons organic honey (manuka 15+ and above are recommended but any honey will give results)
  • ½ teaspoon fresh organic lemon juice some pulp is ok
  • ¼ teaspoon of dried organic Lavender



  • Cleanse and tone your face

  • Place the organic dried lavender between 2 clean tablespoons (or use a pestle & mortar) and lightly crush

  • Place all the ingredients into a small bowl and stir to combine
  • Once combined pop in the fridge to get to a cool refreshing temperature and allow the ingredients to infuse slightly

  • Now cleanse and tone your face in your usual way
  • Using a wide make up brush, apply the cooled honey, lemon and lavender combination to your skin, avoiding the skin around your eyes and mouth

  • Relax for 20-30 mins and allow the ingredients to infuse even more 
  • Thoroughly wash off and cleanse your face to remove all traces of the mask, then gently dry
  • You should see an immediate result with softer brighter skin, however once a week regular use will promote a glowing balanced skin-tone.
  • Finish off by using a night cream to lock in the moisture 


IMPORTANT:  This is a fresh mask without any preservative and should be made from scratch for each use.  It should not be stored for future use as it will only remain fresh on the day it was made.


Why is this a night time mask?

Apart from the soothing Lavender helping to promote a restful sleep, if skin is exposed to sun directly after using lemon juice on your skin you may experience irritation. So applying this mask at night allows your skin to rebalance its photosensitivity whilst you sleep. Do make sure to thoroughly wash your skin after applying the mask.  As standard always apply a good sunscreen during the day for skin protection.

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