The Double Cleanse Method - Step by Step How To

The foundation of any beauty ritual begins with cleansing, not only do cleansers wipe away impurities, they also impact the subsequent skincare steps. No matter how many active ingredients or how expensive a serum or moisturiser is, it simply will not work to it’s maximum potential if it’s applied to skin that isn’t properly cleansed.

Double Cleansing has been around for a while but I found a lot of my clients asking me questions like “exactly what is double cleansing”, “how do I double cleanse my face?” and “what’s an oil cleanser?” If you're not familiar with or have never tried double cleansing then this post is for you. My aim here is to demystify and clarify each step by showing how to oil cleanse and how to double cleanse.

Double cleansing combines two highly effective cleansing methods (see my post on cleansing methods part 1) starting with an oil cleanser to remove make-up, SPF and excess grime then following up with a secondary cleanse of foam, cream or gel cleanse to penetrate deeper into the skin. The type of secondary cleanse depends on factors like skin type and season.

A properly cleansed face is a nourished healthy blank canvas for a toner, serum and moisturiser.

In this step by step demonstration we'll use the Nourishing Oil Cleanser and Gentle Foam Cleanser.

The consistency of the cleansing oil you choose is mainly about your personal preference. Currently the most popular consistencies are balms, melts, pastes or liquid oil - all are effective. If you prefer to control possible spills when you're cleansing your face - let's say possible spills onto your clothes - then opt for one of the first three consistencies. However if you enjoy the texture of liquid exotic oils, go for a liquid based cleanser.

No need to prep just start with your full face of make-up and begin with an oil cleanser to melt away the SPF, make-up and any unwanted oily grime laying on your skin. Use around a 1cm to 2cm amount of oil cleanser which should be enough to cleanse the face.

Using circular motions, apply the oil cleanser onto your skin. Use gentle even strokes and as you apply the oil onto your skin the action of massage alone triggers lymphatic drainage, which helps reduce puffy eyes as well as encouraging blood flow for a more luminous complexion.

When you apply the oil cleanser with a full face of make-up you may well end up looking a little wildly silly like I do with smudged make-up smeared all over your face! But this is a good sign!! It means the oil cleanser is doing it's job of melting the oils including the (oil based make up) laying on your skin.

Next you'll need warm water and a cotton wash cloth. Use warm water to easily wipe off the melted oils without leaving any unwanted residue behind. Allow the warm wash cloth to absorb the oils by gently pressing then wiping away making sure not to rub excessively which could damage delicate skin.

Your skin should feel clean and soft . But definitely never squeaky clean. That squeaky clean feeling should be reserved for washing dishes not our delicate skin! If your skin ever feels squeaky clean after cleansing it may be because the product you're using doesn't suit your skin-type. Change it up. You might also notice with the change in seasons that your skin responds differently to products so again change it up, what skin needs in the summer is pretty different to what it needs in the winter.

So the next step is the second cleanse. This will give your skin a deeper clean and help slough off dead skin cells so your skin is primed and ready for the products you apply to tone, nourish and moisturise. With the Foam Cleanser, again only a small amount is needed, around the size of a strawberry.

Gently work this around your face without any excess rubbing. Allowing the active ingredients to work their magic and begin penetrating deeper into the skin.

A quick rinse with water, a soft gentle pat dry and you'll be left with wonderfully clean refreshed skin. Using the double cleanse method ensures dirt, grime and environmental pollutants are removed from your skin gently but effectively. It's far better to use 2 gentle cleansers than 1 harsh strong one or equally damaging, one that doesn't completely and deeply clean the skin.

So kick start regeneration and healing with your skin cleansing and rock your nourished clearer complexion.

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